The Adam Lanza "DNA Study" HOAX - Another Sandy Hook P.R. Fake Exposed

Published on May 18, 2020
Remember the news stories of supposed DNA testing for Adam Lanza? How they were supposedly looking for some signature 'genes that make a killer'? "If only we could figure out what made him tick!" Here you will see what REALLY happened... and WHO did it.
Of course, there was no DNA to study. The COULD be no DNA study. Because as most know by now, Adam Lanza was a fictitious person. So how were they to do it?
The government controlled media of course ran with the hoax story. And never looked for the truth.
This is s good case for demonstrating the role of marketing hacks and PR agents in pushing and promoting these fake news stories. Just as in the Boston Marathon fake bombing, one doesn't usually have to scratch too hard to expose them.
The Invisible Lanza --
PR hacks and propaganda -- (film #2: The Engineering of Consent)
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