Published on Oct 12, 2021
⁣Source: The Noticer
Music: TEKNEIN - On an earth without sunshine https://www.teknein.com
The Noticer Story:
Once upon a time on Twitter;
A European right wing Twitter user couldn't help noticing that the majority of the 'white Hate' tweets he kept noticing on Twitter were coming from those who said they were Jews & it alarmed him. 😱
He pondered long & hard on what he should do about it. 🤔
After many sleepless nights tossing & turning in his bed & pacing his floors back & forth the noticer finally decided he had to let his white gentile European friends know about what he had noticed.
He decided his best option would be to screenshot the tweets promoting white hatred & post them to his fellow white European gentiles so that they could see them for themselves. 👀
He knew that what he was doing was morally correct because for years the noticer had noticed how terribly anxious & stressed so many of his white European gentiles had become after witnessing their beautiful countries change so drastically & so suddenly. They'd witnessed crime rates soar to extraordinary heights - They'd witness PC take the fun out of everything - they'd witnessed degeneracy & corruption like never before - they'd witnessed terror like never before & they'd witnessed the gradual loss of their precious freedom of speech.🤐 😪
The gentiles were in a state of fear & panic wondering what the hell was happening. 😱
They searched for truth but there was no one was willing to tell them any solid facts, the gentiles were left in a state of limbo, so much conflicting news but no facts. They were fighting not just for their countries, their childrens futures & their sanity but also for their most precious freedom of speech, they knew that without the Freedom to speak freely they'd be fighting with both arms tied behind their backs losing the long battle on a very wonky up- hill battlefield.
Alas - the dear Jews who were tweeting the anti-white tweets became increasingly angry when they noticed that the noticer had noticed their tweets.😡
How dare this EVIL white supremacist noticer take notice of their anti- white tweets on a public social media platform, how dare he take screenshots of their tweets & post them onto his Telegram & Twitter accounts? They were furious.🤺🤺 😡
Vengeance swiftly ensued,
The dear white hating Twitter jews had become victims of this evil neo Nazi white supremacist- they knew they had to nip the noticer in the bud asap to stop him noticing more of their anti-white tweets, why was the noticer cruelly victimising them?

The dear anti- white Twitter jews needed a cunning plan 🤨
They frantically tweeted & messaged one another & they unanimously agreed the evil white supremacist had to go, the noticer MUST be banned from Twitter & then from telegram & eventually from all other platforms on social media. The noticer must go unnoticed forever.
The dear anti- white Jews teamed up & got to work swiftly as they mass reported the noticers Twitter account to Jack & Co.
Twitter graciously & instantaneously succumbed to their demands. Tragically & ironically the noticer wasn't given any notice by Twitter before they killed his account. 😟


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