Silver Prices are UP and Bullion Dealers REFUSED to Sell Silver

Published on Feb 2, 2021
In this video I talk about rising silver prices and why online bullion dealers were refusing to sell silver. When the silver market opened up on Sunday night on Jan 31st, 2021 Silver jumped up almost $2 right out the gate. During the day some of the large online bullion dealers were REFUSING to sell silver. This was an unprecedented event and the CEO of APMEX released a statement regarding the event. I talk about why these bullion dealers would not sell any silver and I also talk about where I think silver prices are going from here. Silver prices in 2021 have been increasing ever since the wallstreetbets reddit page started targeting silver. When the demand for silver is high the prices tend to go up. Currently the US Mint is sold out of silver eagles and they will be in high demand for a while. I have made several silver price predictions in the past and my current silver price prediction 2021 is bright. Silver prices 2021 will go up if the demand keeps on increasing. Silver price news is hitting mainstream media so it is possible that the silver prices going up will continue. If demand falls off we could see a silver price drop, but My silver price forecast does not currently include that. If we do see silver prices to skyrocket then demand will need to continue to go up. Here is my video on $1000 silver:

Is $1000 Silver Possible?

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