Dr. Burzynski's Story; FDA Works Not For You, But For Big Pharma And We Don't Need Them!

Published on Jan 28, 2022
If you want to know how the medical system works, watch this video. It will be enlightening. Anyone who cures cancer disrupts the money machine, moving your cash up the conveyor belt to the top of the pyramid and they won't allow that. The FDA is paid by YOU, but they don't work for YOU, they work for Big Pharma! if Dr. Burzynski cures cancer, it costs Big Pharma billions and trillions of dollars, so they have to shoot down his plane and put him out of business or he's going to cure everyone! To remove the federal government and all its agencies is to cut out the evil from our country. Rather than cut it out with a knife, which is akin to a bloody civil war, let's cure it with truth and watch the tumor of government disappear!
peptide antineoplastons
Vaccine Racket:


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