Remembering the GERMAN HOLOCAUST, Burnt Offering - Dresden, Feb 17, 2023 (VertigoPolitix)

Published on Feb 17, 2023
*** Jim Rizoli Interviews Thomas Goodrich (circa Feb 2017) HELLSTORM
The devastation of Dresden in February, 1945, was one of those crimes against humanity whose authors would have been arraigned at Nuremberg if that Court had not been perverted into the instrument of Allied justice. Whether measured in terms of material destruction or by loss of human life, this "conventional" air raid was far more devastating than either of the two atomic raids against Japan that were to follow it a few months later. Out of 28,410 houses in the inner city of Dresden, 24,866 were destroyed; and the area of total destruction extended over eleven square miles.
Paul Craig Roberts review (incl. more links)
Book - 'The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben' by Joseph Borkin (1978)

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