Gang Stalking Demons On Camera With Threats - My Gang Stalking Story About Electronic Harassment

Published on Aug 2, 2020
I start off this video about my story of what i have been going through since i moved into this house 2 years ago. It started from day 1 and has been going on 2 years here. Electronic harassment, bugging my house, gang stalking, neighborhood stalking, organized harassment, lies and slander against me.

Apparently i was finishing up exercising at 10pm on a friday night so the landlords upstairs came to my door in a rage, a possible theater rage because they said i was making noise. I don't know if it was theater, an act, but the faces look demonic so if it was acting well played but i doubt it was. If they can get this mad about me lifting some weights considering what they do to me the crimes and human rights violations against me and can't let it slide that im lifting weights i will have to say these people are evil and/ or paid. The main reason she came to my door was she said she had to work in 5 hours but she does not work on weekends and i went outside to see if her car was still there in the morning as i suspected it would be and sure enough it was. This is a red light for theater, at minimal a lie to come to my door to harass me and try to intimidate me.


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