Evil History Of Modern Medicine - Secret Truth Behind Medical Insignia

Published on Jan 26, 2022
Bert Seelman discusses the evil history of modern medicine, and the evil secret truth behind our modern medical insignia, or symbol, the Caduceus. The caduceus is a symbolic object, the insignia is about Hermetic medicine or the Greek God Hermes of the three guides. Hermes jobs were alchemy, commerce, and the escort of the dead to Hades which is Lucifer. You will never see the medical field or the A.M.A., the same.

Bert Seelman also reveals the Hippocratic oath and the secret evil truth behind the medical oath that doctors and nurses take. They are sworn to this in the medical or health field, and here you will see how it is actually evil, with documented lies, and more. The untold secret truth behind that symbol or insignia what it's about and what even many doctors are fooled or duped by. This insignia and its intent is not just coincidence. It is about Big Pharma, intent, power, money, and control.

Please Note - The symbol has been slightly changed in modern times.

The Migration Of Symbols by Goblet d'Alviella:

The Migration Of Symbols, Chapter VI, P. 204, 227-229:

"The antecedents of the Caduceus.—Homeric description of the Caduceus.—Transformations of the Greek Caduceus.—The Caduceus of the Phœnicians and the Hittites.—Assyrian ensigns, prototypes of the labarum.—The Caduceus in its relations with the Winged Globe and the ashêrah.—Hindu Caducei."

"At Carthage the Caduceus is nearly always associated with the Sacred Cone on stelai dedicated either to Tanit "the face of Baal," or conjointly to Baal Hamman and Tanit. If it is likely that this Cone stands for the symbol of Tanit, would it be rash to assume that the Caduceus represents either the companion of the Great Goddess of Carthage, the Phœnician god of the sun, or of the solar heat, Baal Hamman—or the usual hypostasis of Baal Hamman, his "messenger" or "angel," Malac Baal —or, finally, the third personage of the triad composed of Baal, Tanit, and Iol or Iolaüs, the divine solar infant, lost and found by turns like Atys and Adonis elsewhere?"

"Perhaps the Phœnician Caduceus passed to the hand of Hermes amongst those Greek colonists of Cyrenaica who contributed more or less towards introducing Punic, and even Egyptian elements into the religion as into the mythology of the Hellenes. Perhaps, too, the transmission was brought about on Greek soil through direct intercourse with Phœnician traders, who cannot but have diffused, with their religious and artistic products, the attributes of their own national divinities."

Medical Symbols: The Caduceus by Marc A. Shampo, Ph.D., and Robert A. Kyle, M.D.:


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