TOP 10 FOODS TO BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM | What’s Japanese people eating? (EP175)

Published on Apr 30, 2021
Japan seems to be holding on the edge of the worst case of scenario.

Some people guess it is about the injection of BCG vaccine; some people think it is about our diet.


Japanese gov.(ministry of foreign affairs)

BCG atlas map

Fewer coronavirus deaths seen in countries that mandate tuberculosis vaccine

A marine-sourced fucoidan solution inhibits Toll-like-receptor-3-induced cytokine release by human bronchial epithelial cells

Fucoidan Inhibits Radiation-Induced Pneumonitis and Lung Fibrosis by Reducing Inflammatory Cytokine Expression in Lung Tissues.

I am going to be showing the top 10 Japanese Food to boost your immune system.

There is a saying, "Food is medicine," and I believe that too.

What we can do NOW is stay home and stay healthy.

We are getting tired of being at home, but SIT TIGHT for a while!

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Miso, Umeboshi, seaweed

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