"The Complete Protocols of Zion for Dummies" - ** BLOCKED by bitchute **

Boundless Energy
Published on Oct 21, 2022
On January 7, 2018 Pete Papaherakles and I embarked upon this seven part video, totaling 3.5 hours in length, followed by another series, "Evidence for the Protocols of Zion". This is too risky to put on YouTube as they put six of these videos in limited state before my former channel was deleted. Some kind soul in Internetland put together seven episodes into this 3.5 hour marathon. I regard this as perhaps the single most important video that I have ever produced.
This is a very important video! The Protocols of Zion are the Jewish game plan to take over the entire world! What has happened since it was published in 1905 has fulfilled what they claimed they were going to do. That alone is astonishing proof that the Protocols are for real. Every major aspect of human civilization is under elite Jewish control, just as stated in the Protocols.
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