Lessons on Organic Portals, Sheeple, HPBs, NPCs, Order Followers

Published on Jun 25, 2021
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This is a very important video on the most important subject. It's a compilation of knowledge on soulless demons in human flesh. The video itself comes from a now banned jewtube channel. It reveals the existence of human-like soulless biorobots and some dangers of co-existing with them. They are living drones used as building blocks for this slave matrix. They are the reason why statism, taxation, police, laws, wars even became possible.
Ancient slave lords called themselves "eevehrs", "ebehrs". They are otherwise known as "the blue blood "elite" jews". They later became "the 13 Houses or Tribes of Israel". These slave lords are not biorobots themselves, but they have known about them since the beginning of time, "the dawn of man". Ever since then their mission has been to breed and train these "stupid goyim" biorobots in order to achieve great comforts in life. Goyim are literally a breed of sheep. Each of these beasts is an amplifier for his master's will, and today that is the will of the jew. Now you get the idea. Come later for more videos on this subject.


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