The Jew as Criminal by Julius Streicher (8 of 9) Sexual Offenders (Talmud)

Published on Jul 10, 2020
All jews follow the Talmud, even if it's only the spirit of the Talmud. Bolshevik jews in Russia decriminalised incest, sodomy, sex with animals & homosexual acts. sexual debaucheries are permissible if they don't show Jewry in a bad light.
How the jews play the game in court! (Reminds me of Leo Frank!)
Streicher died on the gallows at Nuremberg solely for publishing a paper critical of the Jews.
Streicher was not part of the German government during the war.
Streicher had no role in the German war effort or in the concentration camps.
I downloaded these audio files from ‘the end of zion’ a few years ago. The site is now gone.
Other parts
1 What Linguistics and Statistics Show
2 The Jew in Court -
3 Fences and Thieves
4 Imposters
5 Swindlers and Racketeers "You must become rich"
6 Gambling Cheats ( Bolshevik revolution, Rusputin)
7 Pimps and White Slavers
9a Murderers (1 of 3)
relevant videos
Michael A. Hoffman II – 1 of 5 Judaism's Strange Gods - The origins of Judaism, Talmud 2000
The Talmud Unmasked By Rev. I. B. Pranaitis 1892 (+ book)
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