Smoke - Conspiracy of Apathy (Full Album) [Conscious Hip Hop] Album #6

Published on Feb 17, 2021
I do not own the rights to the music, clips and image featured on this video. All rights belong to the respective owners. This video is for educational/promotional purposes only.

Track List:
1. 0:00:00 Control Grid (produced by Hanto)
2. 0:03:02 TV Screen (produced by ELM and Thot Kick)
3. 0:06:44 Conspiracy of Apathy (produced by Venenomalo)
4. 0:10:22 In The Mood 2 Smoke (produced by ELM Beats)
5. 0:13:18 Boondoggle Interlude (produced by Santana Beats)
6. 0:16:00 Waste Management (produced by Bearded Skull)
7. 0:18:07 Green (produced by Tao G Musik)
8. 0:21:08 No Shepherds, No Sheep (produced by MGR)
9. 0:24:57 Rainy Days Instrumental (produced by Be Franky)
10. 0:26:33 Losing My Religion* (produced by Mayor)
11. 0:28:23 The 6th Day* (produced by Starseed Beats)
12. 0:31:06 One Interlude (produced by Rude Skillz)
13. 0:34:40 Anytime (produced by Case G Music)
14. 0:37:17 Sky Walkin' (produced by Rudeskillz)
15. 0:40:56 Walk In My Shoes (produced by Ahmato Beats)
16. 0:43:09 Hypocrite in Chief (produced by Case G Music)
17. 0:46:05 Living A Lie [Fuck Alex Jones!]] (produced by Venenomalo)
18. 0:48:38 Ocean of Time (produced by Case G Music)
19. 0:54:11 Who Cares? (produced by Spence Mills)
20. 0:58:00 Peace* (produced by FX-M Black)
21. 1:01:41 Magnificent Illusion Outro (produced by AJ Fortuna)

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This album is guaranteed to ruffle far more feathers than most of my previous work, but I think that's a good thing. As always, if you don't like the music or absolutely abhor the message, you're welcome to watch/listen to any of literally millions of other videos on YouTube.

*Peace, Losing My Religion and The 6th Day were all originally supposed to be featured on Declassified and I'm glad to present them finally, even if they are a bit late in the coming.

All lyrics written and performed by Seth Davis.


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