Finally this happened Russian S-300 air defense tried to shot down Israeli fighter jet! UKRAİNE RUS

Published on Sep 29, 2022
Finally this happened Russian S-300 air defense tried to shot down Israeli fighter jet! UKRAİNE RUS It was found that the Russian army tried to shoot 300 missiles at Israeli planes from Syria but missed. Last week, Russian soldiers used cutting-edge S 300 anti-aircraft missiles to try to shoot down Israeli jets.the end of bombing targets in northwest Syria from the air. Israeli F16 fighter jets hit a missile defense system that was attached to the ground near Masyaf in northwest Syria. During the operation, the Syrian Army fired a lot of Pantsir anti-aircraft missiles, but they were not able to stop most of the hundreds of Israeli attacks on Syria over the past few years.Reports say that S300 batteries tried to fire while Israeli F16 jets were leaving the area, but the S300 radar couldn't lock onto the Israeli jets, so the S300 batteries didn't pose much of a threat to F16 fighters. Ties between the two countries, which have been getting worse since Israel sent troops to Ukraine, aren't likely to come to a complete halt because the Russian army controls Syria's 300 batteries and can't fire them without their permission. Since anti-Semitism among Russian lawmakers is getting worse, the Israeli government has been even harsher in its criticism of Russia. As a close ally of Bashar al-Assad, Russia has more than just air defense forces in Syria. Moscow also has sophisticated S 400 air defense systems in Syria to protect its own assets, but it has never used these to shoot down an Israeli plane. Like this video and subscribe to our channel if you want to see more videos like this.
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