The Election Story Which Woke Australians to Their Common Law Rights and Responsibilities

Published on Jan 24, 2021
**UPDATE!!** - A slightly upgraded version of this story is now available via
Take particular note of "The Green frogs also found its important to note that you do not require ID when you get your name crossed of the roll, one must wonder why this is so? Therefore to prevent fraudulent use of your name at other booths, they recommended that you initial your name when it's crossed off. After the election you can then ask to check all electoral rolls for your electorate to see if your name has been used by others if so then you have a case of fraud being committed and this makes the election Null and Void."

"A Muddy Pond called Australia"

Beginner's Guide to the Australian Constitution
The aim of this document is to foster an interest in the Australian Constitution and other related constitutional documents.
by Nick Hobson
Australian Republic Unplugged, PO Box A2027, Sydney South, NSW, 1235.

The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth - Quick & Garran
This is a PDF version of the original publication prepared from the print edition published by Angus & Robinson Sydney 1901. Note that this is a 3.8Mb file of 1127 pages.

A simple, non technical, beginner's book of the true legal functions of the Queen, Governor General, State Governors, Parliament, Parliamentarians, and the People
by Arthur A Chresby
Research Analyst in Constitutional Law, and formerly Federal Member for Griffith in the House of Representatives.

Example MY WILL letters

The corporate "COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CIK#: 0000805157 (see all company filings)"

"mark mcmurtrie aboriginal sovereignty british legal scam 1 "

"Mark McMurtrie Original sovereignty british abmiralty legal scam"

More on channel

See an example of how politicians try to impose an unconstitutional republic behind the backs of the Australian people.
"Bob Brown committing Treason"

The Australian Electoral Commission

Telling you how to vote

The AEC, like most "government" organisations now, has a BUSINESS number

Just some of the operations of the Giant Black Cane Toad :)

The Australian Sovereignty Party Association (ASPA)

Climate Sceptics
"A Climbing Cane Toad? Surely Not!"


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