Virtually everything the government said & did in terms of COVID was a lie, says Harvey Risch MD PhD

Published on Feb 25, 2023
“We’ve seen 3 years of lying…” “Virtually everything that the government said and did in terms of the [Covid] pandemic was a LIE.” “[CDC Director, Rochelle] Walensky just testified in the congressional hearing that… ‘We never investigated masks because the evidence for their benefit is so overwhelming.” “This was a week after the Cochrane [Collaboration] issued a 280-page report showing that Masking does absolutely NOTHING…” “Knowing that… a week later, [CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky] LIED to congress.” “All of the discussions from the government LYING TO US for 3 years over this pandemic in virtually EVERYTHING it did.” “And we are supposed to [trust them]?” Harvey Risch, MD, PhD tells Sharyl Attkisson. The full 33-minute interview is posted here:

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