Universal Kabbalah Series - Part 9 - The Abyss & Da’ath - The Transformation Point

Published on Aug 10, 2020
In this ninth video on the Universal Kabbalah, Dr. Theresa Bullard, an International Instructor and Kabbalah Teacher for the Modern Mystery School, reveals secrets about the Great Transformation Point on the Tree of Life. First we encounter the Abyss, which represents anything that causes us to feel or perceive separation from the whole. Then we build a bridge across this gap into the Supernals by accessing the Gateway Across the Abyss, called Da’ath. Da’ath translates to Hidden Knowledge, and it is about moving into the unknown, emptying ourselves of all attachments and identifications, so that we can move beyond limits and beyond separation, where everything then becomes possible. In this video, Dr Bullard discusses the huge potential we have for recreating our lives through the process of Crossing the Abyss.

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