Showing the earth wobble hourly via the "moon flip", another eclipse & a cloaked visitor?

Published on Dec 5, 2021
#poleshift #darkstar #earthwobble

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The moons appearing to flip on its varied trajectory, due to the earth wobble via the dark companion locking onto the earth and bombarding us with solar wind and ionised plasma from behind, I show this hourly as irrefutable evidence for all to behold, more advice regarding the events to come via going underground or preparing spiritually. So many distractions are in play such as Convid1984. Its going to get bumpy.. don't take the mark of the beast that's rushing through. If you're here and aware I'm sure you're not stupid. We experienced another Eclipse and the lens array was in full view trying to obscure what's occurring a d chemical agents are being dispersed and HAARP manipulation is evident.

Virus's are an excretion of a toxic cell, they're not contagious, cells are becoming more damaged due to electromagnetic frequencies such as the recent fast introduction of 5g, radiation poisoning has flu like symptoms also, the previous pandemics were also caused by the introduction of radar, satellites and other elements linked to EMF. Convid is a huge guise,
No 5g near you? Think again. Elon musk star link satellites.

Earth wobble images captured on the nikon coolpix p900.

"Planet X" is a darkstar (Brown Dwarf star) & it has 7 planet's, 10 moons. NASAs Trappist 1 system, It's the dragon of revelation which states the dragon has 7 head's and 10 horns. This "Grand Solar Minimum" is a term used by nasa & Co to tell certain truths as to what is occurring, as in reality the sun is going dark, biblically as black as sackcloth due to the binary star system's presence as stars can not be in close proximity to one another without climatic event's. The moon is also blood red all of the time due to the sun dimming and the darkstar rejuvenation, getting stronger in its energy and light output by rejuvenating from our sun via plasma connections.

The need for the Blinding white sun simulator tech with multiple colours emitting from it and project bluebeam is for panic control as our skies would. Be darkred often black all of the time.

We have a lens array in play such as the Rochester cloak using 4 or more lenses to obscure objects, but on an advanced scale, this is why we get so called sun halos and sun dogs, they are lens adjustments, refracting the light when we experience an Eclipse from an object from the binary system.
Again the reason why they relentlessly spray our skies prior and during these so called natural phenomenon.. They use chemical agents as marker clouds to adjust and refract the light from the interlinked lens array and sun sim. They are not a result of ice crystals as they state or they wouldn't spray prior/during strategically and relentlessly.

The moon also has a simulator in use also to obscure the fact it is blood red all of the time. You can observe the moon simulator activate and pulsate providing the beings in control of HAARP and the chemical agents above, fail to produce a strategically placed chemical HAARP manipulated shelf cloud in place in time.

The messed up sunrises/sunsets are a tell tale sign of multiple light sources also. We are being bombarded with solar wind and ionised plasma (so called Noctolucent clouds) from the darkstar from behind in our northern night skies. Check out the magnetosphere graphs.

The moon is also appearing to flip in the night to the earth wobble (drunkard biblically) , oceans receding for miles, earthquakes and much more due to the binary systems presence locking onto our poles, Global warming is a hoax. It is a cycle, HAARP is not helping in the slightest as that tech can cause earthquakes. You can always tell when HAARP is in use as it produces a lined rib effect in the chemicals, a sure sign somethings occurring above that they do not want anyone to see.

All the planets in the sol system are experiencing major so called global warming effects also including our star. This system will cause the earth's pole reversal cataclysm and crustal displacement aka tribulation, it is a reset, a new world literally and the beings in control know of the event's to come and have their deep underground bunkers awaiting for the day the event takes place.


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