How to Deal with Police like a Boss

Published on Sep 5, 2023
Do not apply if you have no honor.

Go Deeper into the GRIM HUSTLE:

00:00 You can manupulate them
00:42 Go Slow
01:04 Be Silent
01:19 Miranda Right
01:36 Do Not Argue

The men you see in this channel are all ex-criminals, except for Andrej Kaminsky, who you also saw in JOHN WICK 4. He speaks on behalf of those men behind Grim, that can not show their face, all words are written by Krest, one of the founders of GRIM. GRIM has two missions: empower men and women to come our of the struggle of their life with strength and genuinely connection to one other.

Also GRIM HUSTLE helps people who just came out of jail onto a better path in life. As said, most protagonists and also some of our video editors have a criminal past, but live an honorable life now. GRIM HUSTLE will expand into a book, longer documentaries, a drama series, and a feature film, God willing. We have entrepreneurs and ex-Netflix creators in our team. But the very heart of GRIM HUSTLE is our private members club THE GRIM.

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Be Honorable.

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