Ukrainians want to apologize for the Holocaust, but it's a two way street (Дмитро Корчинський)

Published on Aug 22, 2020
Translated - Excerpt of remarks by Dmytro Korchynsky on Babyn Yar, Kyiv, Ukraine, October 2011.

- Dmytro Korchynsky: I, like most Ukrainians, would like to absolutely very much apologize to the Jewish people, for our participation in the Jewish Holocaust
- 0:22 First, let's take the 70th anniversary of the Babyn Yar (massacre)
- 0:38 Victims of Stalin's mass repression (Stalin's Great Terror), The Bykivnia Graves (Биківнянські могили), People buried where the VDNKh currently stands
- 0:53 Jews were also murdered during Stalin's repressions (Great Terror)
- 1:11 Photographs of the Lviv pohrom (of 1941)
- 1:51 In Lviv (only) 10% of the population was Ukrainian. Poles and Jews were the largest (ethnic) populations in Lviv. There was a small number of Ukrainians. There would not be enough of them for any sort of pohrom.
- 2:06 120,000 Jews served in the Wehrmacht (Armed Forces of Nazi Germany) 18 Jews had the (Nazi) Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross earned in battle defending the Reich. Jews guarding Ukrainian prisoners in the Lukianivska jail wore yellow stars (of David). Have (those) Jews apologized to the Jewish people for their participation in the Holocaust?
- 2:41 Have the Jews apologized for participating in the
destruction of Ukrainians during Holodomor? During World War Two? For Lazar Kaganovich? For Jews in the NKVD? For the destruction of Ukrainians?
- 2:52 We (Ukrainians) want to apologize to the Jewish people. But immediately after this we would wish to hear an apology to Ukrainians.


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