Global Parasite Occupy Tavistock (High)

Published on Oct 17, 2020
Global Parasite/Dead Subverts split e.p. Vs The Predatory Pathocracy out now.


From the chambers of the Law Society
Where they're regulating legalese
To the public's disadvantage
Locked down in corporate slavery
From behind closed doors in Chatham house
The home of MI6 and the Royal Institute of International Affairs

Social engineering controlling the bewildered herd
Cerebral deconstruction Fabian vision for the new world
Tyrannical oppression coverted obsession
Moulding our minds to what they call "perfection"
Draw them out

The propaganda machines of Tavistock and Demos
Come from the same institutions as thousands of others
The Frankfurt School a Common Purpose
Centralised communitarianism
The London School of Economics
International Court of Justice
Tony Blair's increased surveillance
Fabian founded United Nations
It's all one big predictive programme
There's nothing that they haven't thought of
The secret means of gradualism, time to draw the bastards out
Draw the bastards out.

f you want get our stuff for nowt here

The above is chiefly for folks who want hard copies but need to buy food to eat or the postage is fucked as people all over the world like us.
The drummer's fled this shithole country so he doesn't have to lick the supermarket floors clean to get enough to survive, so no tours this year unfortunately (sulk). Put those links in too but please ask if peeps can sling a couple of quid as we have to fund it mostly ourselves, t'would be good if people bought hard copies as the split with Dead Subverts has only just been released and the labels will get some sort of return but fuck it it needs to get out it was recorded over a year ago haha.

Take it easy


Mahatma Coat


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