RUSSIA NEWS A move from Israel that will shake the balance with Putin

Published on May 19, 2022
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The Israeli Defense Ministry reported that they sent 2 helmets and 500 bulletproof vests to Ukraine.
According to a written statement from the Israeli Defense Ministry, 2 helmets were sent for NGOs and emergency teams in Ukraine in 500 steel jackets.
Israel has so far emphasized humanitarian aid for Ukraine, and at the end of april, it decided to send a vest and a military helmet to the Kiev administration.
Last month, the United Nations General Assembly removed Russia from its membership in the Geneva-based Human Rights Council due to its war against Ukraine, and Israel voted in favor of that decision.
In other news, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reacted at the highest level in Israel, calling the Russian Ambassador to Tel Aviv to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, in early may, when Hitler said he was Jewish.
Israeli Prime Minister Bennet, Foreign Minister Lapid and many other senior names reacted to Lavrov's statements.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mariya Zaharova said that Israeli mercenaries fought against Russia in the Azov battalion in Ukraine during an assessment of the increased tensions between the two countries with Lavrov's statements.
In a written statement from the Israeli government, Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly apologized to Israeli Prime Minister Bennet for Lavrov's statements that "Hittites are Jewish people".


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