Pesticide, Atrazine, feminizes and changes sex of frogs

Tony Baloney
Published on Aug 2, 2020
Link to actual study: Atrazine induces complete feminization and chemicalcastration in male African clawed frogs(Xenopus laevis):


Tyrone Hayes is a renowned biologist at the University of California-Berkely. He studies frogs and travels the country talking about the effects of the chemical Atrazine on frogs and how it can have implications for humans. Hayes speaks in Omaha, right in the center of corn and soy country, and just up the street at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, Dr. Alan Kolok is studying Atrazine, along with a "suite" of other chemicals. Kolok is less concerned with one particular chemical, but more interested in how wildlife is exposed as it occurs in our mobile waterways.

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