The Beast as Saint

Insolent Prick
Published on Jan 14, 2023
In DISHONOR of M.L.K. day im uploading this short vid that exposes the moral leper and subversive tool of jewish supreeemacism that took the moniker of the Reverend DR. Martin Luther King. This degenerate was neither a Dr, nor a Reverend, but he WAS a lowlife lying plagiarist pervert that our rotten commie government fashioned into a civil rights hero so they could subvert Whites into believing in the lie of the melting pot multicultural genocide they have planned for us. There aint a bootlip alive that can tell Me where the Bear shit in the buckwheat. Im a proud White Man..Fuck the (((p.o.c. pipeline))) and every other jewish subversion scheme.

Video by ARES, audio by Kevin Alfred Strom from American dissident voices / National Alliance .
Shatter the illusion of this commie engineered plastic god.


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