Universal Kabbalah Series - Part 10 - The Supernal Triad - Reclaiming Your Crown

Published on Aug 10, 2020
In this tenth video on the Universal Kabbalah, Dr. Theresa Bullard, an International Instructor and Kabbalah Teacher for the Modern Mystery School, brings you to the top of the Tree of Life and shares with you some of the experiences one can have from ascending into what are called the Supernals. This is the highest realm of creational principles. First you come to Binah, which means Understanding and refers to the knowingness that is gained through direct experience. Binah is the Divine Feminine on the Tree, which is about Formation or Contraction. Then we meet Chokmah, which means Wisdom, and relates to the Wisdom of being at one with the Will to Create that comes from the Divine Masculine energy. Finally, we reach Kether, the Crown, the Divine Spark that initiates all new creation. Dr. Bullard further reveals what happens after we finish ascending the Tree, and the powerful opportunity that lies before us to re-create our lives in accordance with our highest vision and potential.

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