9/11 Liars For Truth (The Gatekeepers)

Published on Mar 17, 2023
So, the official story was, 2 planes hit the towers and the jet fuel burnt so hot that the twin towers went away, after burning for less than 90 minutes...

Stranger still at about 5:20 pm a third tower, Building 7, also went away... WHAT happened at the WTC complex was a crime and should have been investigated like a crime, but it was not....

NEVER in the history of the world has one, never mind 3 buildings gone away due to office fires... Obviously the powers that be knew once the dust had settled, pardon the pun, that people will call out the bullshit THEORY.

But, did you know that ALL 7 of the WTC buildings had strange anomalies? Building 3 and 4 were pretty much completely gone!

Yes gone! Building 5 had strange cylindrical holes going down to ground level and Building 6 had the middle of the building scooped out, all the way to ground level. Yes, ground level and was not crushed by falling debris from Tower 1 and 2.

There was virtually No rubble, no nothing, just like the Twin Towers and Building 7 that had virtually no rubble hitting the ground. What does that to 2 x 110 story and a 47 story building?

So, queue the psyops....... And there have been a few and they are all making a nice living on the lies they are spreading giving false hope that an answer will be found of what exactly happened to the WTC complex....

The first is the THEORY of "controlled demolition", but if you look at WHAT happened to the building, any sane person can see that what was happening to the towers is NO "controlled demolition".

Well, some people pointed out the holes in "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth" THEORY of "controlled demolition" and then they brought in squibs, thermite and that later morphed into nukes being buried under the towers or mini nukes taking out 10 floors at a time - ALL THOSE THEORIES ARE BULLSHIT.


Because 16 people survived at the base of Tower 1 (North Tower) in stairwell B. They weren't crushed by falling debris, they weren't cooked by molten steel raining down on them if you believe the lie that it was was thermite that took the building down.

The survivors weren't blown to bits by explosives and none of them lost their hearing or sight due to massive light flashes. They sustained hardly any injuries.

In fact, after it went dark and the dust started to clear, they looked up and the 106 floors above them were GONE! They looked up and saw blue sky above them. Blue sky!

Now, you tell me what the hell makes two 110 floor buildings, weighing the same as 10 Titanic's (500 000 tons) just go poof into a cloud of DUST?


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