The Jewish Family Tree Of Donald Trump

Published on Mar 7, 2022
Donald Trump's original family last name was "Drumpf", which is a prominent Bavarian Jewish name. The name of Trump's grandfather, Friedrich Drumpf, was anglicized to Frederick Trump, but he died several years before the report.

Donald Trump's grandfather Friedrich Drumpf was born on March 14th 1869, in Kallstadt, Pfalz, Germany. In the Pacific Northwest, Friedrich ran sleazy and illegal operations, the White Horse Restaurant and Inn, and the New Arctic Restaurant and Hotel in Bennett, British Columbia. His business interests catered to the "deprived", and shared space with opium dens and brothels. There were rumors that authorities were getting ready to crack down on his type of dens of prostitution, drug dealing and ill-repute. They say that Friedrich was always one step ahead of the law. Around May 1901, Friedrich cashed out and headed back to Germany with his money.

Reportedly, Friedrich Drumpf returned to Kallstadt, Germany and married his former neighbor, Elizabeth Christ. In the meanwhile, Friedrich changed his surname to "Trump" to hide his past, and shroud his true background. "Drumpf" may be a variation of "Trumpf". In 1869, Friedrich had an estate worth $500,000 in today’s dollars when he died in Queens on May 30th 1918, at age 49.

There were comments that Elizabeth Christ (born 10/10/1880) was really the daughter of Christ Christ and Anna Maria Rathon. Christ Christ was Friedrich's uncle, his father's brother. Friedrich Trump married his first cousin, Elizabeth Christ. Therefore, the Trumps are also a family which is engaged in the bloodline games as well.

Donald Trump's Jewish Background

Donald Trump's great-grandparents, Christian Johannes Trump and Katharina Barbara Kober Trump, "Kober" is an Ashkenazi Jewish surname. Some people suggest the name isn't "Kober", but "Kolber". "Kolber" is very often Jewish. We have seen the genealogies being whitewashed this way again and again. Changing one letter is often the best way to do it.

Donald Trump's parents were Frederick (Fred) Christ Trump and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump. His grandparents were Friedrich Trump and Elizabeth Christ. Donald Trump has five children from three marriages: Donald John Trump Jr., Ivanka Marie Trump, and Eric Frederick Trump with Ivana Marie Trump; Tiffany Ariana Trump with Marla Ann Maples; and Barron Trump with Melania Knauss Trump.

The Trump family has the largest number of Jews in the first family. All three married children of Donald Trump being married to Jews. That is no mere coincidence, it's a cohencidence. Four Generations of the Trumps beginning from Friedrich Trump (or Drumpf) have had close business and personal associations with Jews.

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