MyWhiteSHOW - YULE Like It. Covid Crime Vids. Good Kill.

Published on Dec 18, 2020
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If you’re White, “YULE” like this finale episode of Season One of MyWhiteSHOW — which is your White show.
Yule is White. Christmas is jew. Though this ought be entirely obvious, I explain it briefly. Some history. Some examples. Some suggestions. And I show how obviously our calendar has been jewed, too.
Also, this s01e23 issue of MyWhiteSHOW features two very short but telling videos of the criminals, usually jews, in “our” government exposing themselves.
The final official segment of the show is a Good Kill. It’s one that almost nobody but me would recognize as such. Get the details, of course, in the video.
“Our” government tells us ...
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