17th Century Ninja Explains How To Be A Ninja // The Bansenshūkai // Japanese Primary Source

Published on Nov 25, 2021
Straight from the pages of the ultimate Ninja manual - The 17th century Bansenshūkai (萬川集海 - translated as 'All Rivers Merge into the Sea'), here we have a passage of advice for lords on the ten key aspects they should search for when hiring a prospective Ninja/Shinobi.

Compiled in 1676 by Fujibayashi Yasutake, The Bansenshūkai is an exhaustive guide to many of the key moral ideas that underpin the Ninja, as well as practical advice on how to execute various strategies - from castle infiltration to haircuts.

Thanks to Antony Cummins for allowing us to use his excellent translation -


It is a great read, as is his new illustrated version of the Art of War -


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