Adam Green's (and CJB's) Theology Part 2

Published on Oct 27, 2020
Back again to take a look at some of the arguments made by Adam Green and his guest Christopher Jon Bjerknes. They both keep ramping up their attacks on the Bible for what they now claim is a violent genocidal book. Based on their hostile approach to the God of the Bible, it’s possible they have the very same Jewish Communist agenda they claim to be against. It’s not the first time this kind of attack has been uncovered. Historically, the Judaizers had tried to infiltrate the church pretending to be brothers (Gal 2:4).

Their many cynical conclusions are highly inaccurate and deserve examination and correction. On each point, much more can be said and I would recommend further research and study into these matters. I have provided some resources below but really, I would recommend people to just read the Bible for themselves and seek God’s help to understand it along with finding faithful resources that follow the Grammatical Historical approach to interpreting scripture. Learning the Bible based on its historical meaning and not from a modern progressive approach. For anybody interested in learning the Bible they must come with faith and diligence to try and understand God’s intentions. No author would like their book read by people not committed to understanding it but rather reading their own agenda into it. That is what these people have done. Look for the next video on their latest attack. Thanks for watching.

In the future, I’ll be putting out some videos on Eschatology as it ties into many of the issues today.

Some recommendations:
- Book called, “Abraham’s Four Seeds” by John Reisinger
- Book called, “Is God a Moral Monster.” By Paul Copan
- The Heart of Communism memes by Peter Hammond at Frontline Fellowship
- Book called Mystery Babylon by Chris White
- For an interesting study on Genesis 6 and the Canaanites read the works of Dr. Michael Heiser. Here’s an article on some of his research:


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