Hidden Comet History: 1200 to 1499 (Mini-Ice Age, Tartaria). A Must Watch!

Published on Apr 9, 2021
What caused the Dark Ages and a Mini-Ice Age?
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Third of a series of eBooks analyzing the catastrophes of the past 1,000 years & their causation by the plasma/electric interactions of Comets with Earth & the Sun. If you want to skip the Plasma Universe introduction, you can skip to minute 23.

Link to PDF: Hidden Comet History: 1200 to 1499

575 year cycle Jupiter-Venus-Earth PDF by Tess:

Dalton & Maunder Minimums. Decades that turned into Centuries of mega-quakes, mass death & depopulation of whole cities world wide; mega-tsunamis, fireballs, destructive hurricanes, severe winters & freezing of rivers even in warm Countries & the freezing of the Baltic sea. New Seas forming in Holland, constant volcanic eruptions, extreme weather, fireballs, floods, severe lightning, constant pandemics, plagues, droughts, religious persecution of witchcraft, famines/cannibalism, misery, madness, religious paranoia & cruelty, that gave rise to many religious wars, conquests (American continent) & revolts worldwide, including the Crusades. The Chinese visiting America in 1421 & witness the Great Blue Comet& destruction & conflagrations in New Zealand. We look into historic records of strange phenomena like 'raining blood' & 'raining frogs or pieces of meat' & instant petrification (people & animals turning into stone or salt) or fossilization, and pillars of fire coming down from the clouds for hours, mutations, radiation sickness, conflagrations, powerful Auroras, red Sun & skies... Plasma Universe, Electric Earth...
Chronology of Catastrophes http://www.phenomena.org.uk/page29/page29.html

Mario Buildreps on Ancient poles:
Mark Gaffney on Axis tilts /crustal movement:

Dalton & Maunder Minimums also caused by changes in Earth's orbit
Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th century. by Sacha Dobler 2018 1290-1350: Abrupt Earth changes, astronomical, tectonic and meteorological events & Black Death of 1348:

*Rapid Mini Ice age 14th century following warming period, points to Pole shift due to passing of comets &/ or Earth's elliptic orbit

approaching Venus & Mars (After 1106 AD):




Anthony Peratt: www.plasmauniverse.info/
Jim Weninger & Eugene Bagashov: plasmascapes.com
Andrew Hall: thedailyplasma.blog/2016/02/27/leviathan-part-two/

A must watch video on Red Heads of New Zealand & Conflagration of New Zealand due to the Great Blue comet of 1421: https://youtu.be/rf_inGOubEg And a short video about the Great Blue comet of China & destruction of the Chinese fleet: https://youtu.be/a6GIPH-5anw

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