HOLOHOAX 101 Introduction to the HOLOHOAX

Published on Mar 18, 2023
January 1, 2023
Video that debunks the lies about the existence of a Holocaust as we have been told. It provides evidence on the 3 pillars of the 'Holohoax' namely 1) that Germany had a policy to exterminate the Jews, 2) that jews were killed in gas-chambers in concentration camps and 3) that 6 million Jews died in a Holocaust.
No policy was ever found on 1). Many people died in camps at the end of the war due to widespread lack of food and typhus caused by allied bombardments.
Germans are documented to keep up health of the people in camps.
Directly after the war Eisenhower, Hitchcock and Hollywood set up a major campaign to demonize Nazi Germany. The twisted and horrible imagery of dead people shuffled by allied forces- not Germans- is shown worldwide to even children of early age so as to imprint the twisted history. LaterĀ  Ophrah Winey made a report based on information of a book of Elie Wiesel- director of the US Holocaust museum- which are all debunked here.
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