MCP 31 March – 4 April 2008 Monsanto, Stalin, USS Liberty, Rothschild=NWO, Bollyn clip

Published on Feb 17, 2021
Stalin office quote "We will not submit to the Jerusalem-New York axis."
Oxford University press = Rothschild (in addition to Reuters & AP Associated Press & many more)
Bollyn states that William Rodriguez is a Zionist agent
thanks to Reasonable Doubt for the following 2 links regarding Bollyn

20080404 - Excremental Assault Alleged in German ''Death Camps'' (poor audio) –17 Wilhelm Mahr came up with the word ‘anti-semitism’ & the jews stole it, quotes from the Talmud Holocaust, Book “Holocaust_ Religious and Philosophical Implications” Michael Berenbaum, John K. Roth

Book Esau’s tears - modern anti-semitism and the rise of the Jews, 1870-1933 Albert S. Lindemann (1997)

20080403 – 5 Article from 1983 Tel Aviv – Palestinians hospitalised by jewish poisonous gas attack – jews deny gassing & say its ‘mass hysteria’ = WW2 gassing, 12 Christopher Bollyn was paid $ 266 000 & Grant of $ 4 000 & expenses $ 60 000 for 6 years = $ 331 000 from AFP, NWO Book ‘Uniting the peoples and nations - readings in world federalism’ – Joseph C Kamp (Spotlight) = uncle of Angelina Jolley, 16 Book ‘Americanism – the fourth great western religion’ by David Gelernter (Commentary & Weekly Standard = jewish scum) says if you are anti-american then you are anti-israel & anti-Christian, Americanism = Zionism, America is being used to advance the NWO, 20 Jews hate the Clintons – Book ‘Clinton in Exile – a president out of the whitehouse’ Caryll Sala… Israel hates the Clintons

24 Karl Marx writings ‘A world without Jews’ 1959
anti-jewish quotes

Stalin office "We will not submit to the Jerusalem-New York axis."

‘There is no Sabbath Judaism without Zionism. Every daily prayer of the observing Jew carries the undertone of return to Zion. The four great holidays of the Jewish faith are imbedded in Zionist law and Zionist homecoming. Judaism is as little possible without Zionism as Christianity without Christ.’

28 Forbes richest list alphabetically, Rothschild wealth is more than 4 European countries 33 Rothschild had succeeded in stealing the gold from the USA in the 1930s and from the Russian Tsar (= reason for Bolshevik revolution), Stalin was killed (stroke) because he went against the Rothschild, Movie ‘the assassination of Trotsky’ 1972, Stalin vs Trotsky (= Neocons), Book ‘The Judas goats” covers Russia, Stalin was trying to break jewish power in Russia,

20080402 – NWO = Rothschild world order, 6 jew writes letter trying to degrade MCP regarding book ‘The Golem’, people believe the jewish lies about WW2 even though they accept that the media lies about most things, 15 Christopher Bollyn states that William Rodriguez is a Zionist agent, 21 USS Liberty - Jim Ennes = scumbag liar – letter read by MCP, 35 Book of Jeramiah – list of versus to read, 39 Scofield = Rothschild puppet to destroy the Bible, Oxford University press = Rothschild (in addition to Reuters & AP Associated Press)

20080331 - Guest Host, Mark Dankof – MCP article that explains why John Hage = John McCain linked to jewish criminals = Meyer Lanski, wheat fungus – wheat rust, 39 Monsanto caller confirms they stole patents from Germany for Saccharin in 1904 & Aspirin, Monsanto (a jewish family) bought GD Searle - Shapiro

Seeds of Destruction - William Engdahl 2007

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Note: Bitchute has been forced by some criminal jews, to censorship facts about the Holocaust. Numerous channels have been deleted.

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