100 Proofs Europeans Are The Lost Israelite Tribes And All Descendants Of Noah Were White Part 1-10 (Short Version)

Published on Mar 23, 2023
Website: https://www.Truthvids.net
Article: https://tinyurl.com/100Proofs1-10

Who are the Europeans, where do we come from? Are we the people of the Bible? Here we explore both ancient history, literature and the Bible to put the truth together. This is an ongoing series of 100 Proofs, proofs 11-100 will shortly follow.

Proof List:
1 - The Origin and Migrations of the European People
2 - The Laws of God are Everywhere in white European Civilizations
3 - ALL European Countries and Nations were Christian
4 - Jacob's Seed to Spread Across the Whole World
5 - To be Known as Sons of God and Called by a New Name (Christians)
6 - lsrael's New Home to be Primarily to the North-West
7 - The True Meaning of the Hebrew Word Adam
8 - The Adamic Nations that Emerged from Noah
9 - Christ Came Only for the Lost Sheep of the House of lsrael
10 - The Bible Prophesied Israel Would have a New Language

Please be sure to spread the video and the website. Praise Yahweh!


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