MyWhiteSHOW - 2 Electric White Scientists. A Good Kill. Movie Review - Let Him Go.

Published on Nov 28, 2020
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Great White independent scientists are relatively rare. Why? The enemy — jewry — recruits most of our great minds when too young to know any better, and signs them to Non-Disclosure Agreements, and gives them comfortable salaries, totally controls their output, and slyly implies that straying off the reservation will be very bad for their health.
Two of the rarest and greatest are presented here. Their names should be household words, as we used to say.
* James M. McCanney, and
* Eric P. Dollard.
Both excel in electricity. Geniuses. Inventors. Engineers. Writers. Broadcasters. And they are as suppressed as can be from all major media and most minor media. Get to know them both while they’re still alive, still active, and available for possible communication with you.
In this video, I present basic facts about each man, their websites, their jew-awareness level, their strengths and weaknesses, and a bit of how they overlap. For example, both profess knowledge about our Sun. One says the Sun is hollow. The other says the Sun has a dense cool core. Both know that the nuclear activity of the Sun is above its surface, not in the core. But the jew-produced textbooks in school still tell us the Sun’s nuclear activity is in the core, which, by now, is a known lie.
Oh, that’s just a taste! Homeschoolers, take note!
Also in this s01e20 of MyWhiteSHOW:
* Maria Farmer, White victim of the jews’ pedophile-prostitution-trafficking network in the USA and around the world, exposes the famous Elon Musk in this audio-video excerpt. The six minutes of clips here, assembled by me, focus on Maria Farmer’s knowledge and naming of the jews.
* Movie Review: “Let Him Go,” starring crypto-jews Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. In short, it’s anti-White propaganda, as usual.
* Good Kill: A BLM fece reportedly got early retirement from this life. Deservedly so.
* Memes and More: The fake virus of “Covid-19,” the tyrants’ hypocrisy, and what must be done about it.
One more thing, if you please. See my relatively new, one-of-a-kind CREDENTIALS page (click the link in the menu atop my website). Every visitor gets a healthy, free, mini-education just from reading my descriptions of sources of the breadth and depth of my knowledge on vital subjects. Many links are provided, too.


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