fetus cells and trackers in vaccine

Published on Oct 22, 2021
Fauci A BIO-TERRORIST The Fauci COVID Dossier 205 Pg.
Share this with everyone you know. Send to all law enforcement no matter how big or small we must get this document viewed by the masses, let's have a mass campaign. It seems our boy Fauci is a BIO TERRORIST among other crimes. Please share as our lives and future depend on it because they do. We must expose this crime against humanity.

Who Is David Martin The Author Of The Fauci COVID Dossier https://odysee.com/@tcs1949:4/Dr-David-Martin-speech-at-the-wise-traditions-conference:0d5

The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier

They are pushing the vaccines so hard because many republicans and democrats have heavily invested in the vaccines through insider trading which is illegal by the way.

ABC Published on YouTube May 15, 2020, Trump names leaders of ‘Operation Warp Speed’ to fast-track vaccine that was a rouse the conspirator actually signed the executive order Sept.19, 2019, Yes before anyone supposedly heard of COVID19
It leaves me to believe Donald Trump and Joe Biden also invested in these BIO-Weapons that's why Biden's cronies and many traitors are calling for all these Bio-Weapon mandates and corporations doing the bidding of these traitors are more than likely also invested. State governments I believe are heavily invested in these BIO-Weapons. That is only ONE reason why they're obsessed with pushing this BIO-Weapon depopulation and sterilization is also another main factor. And let's not forget psychopathic power.

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