German Folk Song -- Westerwaldlied / Westerwald Marsch

Published on Nov 6, 2020
The "Westerwaldlied" (literal translation "Western Forest Song") is a German folk song, written by Willi Münker in 1932, set to music by Joseph Neuhäuser in 1935 and published and recorded for the first time in 1937. An ode to the Westerwald region of Western Germany, it has been performed by the German military for many decades.
The song's lyrics were written by Willi Münker in November 1932. It was set to music by Joseph Neuhäuser in 1935, reportedly based on an old folk song. It was sung by the German military during World War II (based).
''The song for many decades was considered innocuous, enough to be performed by the contemporary German military. However, in recent years the performance of "Westerwaldlied" has become somewhat contentious and controversial in Germany due to its association with the Nazi era, with the German military reportedly ceasing performances of the song because of it in 2017. Defenders of the song maintain that it is an apolitical folk song with an established history of innocuous usage.''
A Spanish-language song based on the Westerwaldlied's melody as composed by Neuhäuser, is sung by the Chilean Armed Forces, where it is known as "Himno de la Sección". It is also the inspiration for the South Korean patriotic song "Our Nation Forever", used by the South Korean military.
-|-English translation-|-
♪Today we want to march
To try out a new march
𝄆 In the lovely Westerwald
Yes, there the wind whistles so cold♪ 𝄇
♪Oh, you lovely Westerwald♪
(Eucalyptus bonbon)
♪Over your heights the wind whistles so cold
However, the smallest sunshine
Thrusts deep into the heart♪
♪And Gretel and Hans
Gladly go dancing on Sunday
Because dancing makes joy
And the heart in the body laughs♪
(Repeat chorus)
♪When the dancing is over
There is mostly fighting
And the lad whom that does not please
Is accused of having no grit♪
(Repeat chorus)
♪Oh, you lovely Westerwald
Are known far and wide
True people of nature
Of falsehood no trace♪
(Repeat chorus)


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