Published on Apr 28, 2023

Update: Call God a "kike roach on a stick" or disrespect God Christ and you will be removed as a parasite..so blaspheme God on here and watch how quick i show you the door...I will use my 卐????????????卐 © on you for your unneeded bullshit.. I removed all blocks on those that were blocked before, welcome back...But do this crap here again and it'll be permanent..You Christ haters are like a venue of vultures flying around my channel in comments section, full of hate..i had to purge some of you before..feel the need to spew venom at a god you claim doesn't exist? Or at us? Then go elsewhere so I do not have to read it, keep it real, and grow up...Remember you do not need to be here...you choose to come here, I did not force you here, nor did I go to you to seek any advice on God from you, for my channel..Nor do i visit your channels OR insult you, or your beliefs... Be of help to our peoples perhaps, by not creating your middle school low T, low IQ drama. Your antichrist drivel only divides us further. Pick your battles wisely and your words even more so..I don't care to convert you nor have you try on me..believe in whatever you like, I don't care, it doesn't affect me..I have to add this..i am not calling you stupid or making claims to your manhood/persona in this thread..i am only directing this to those who constantly attack us "Christians" rather than leaving all this outside and just acting respectful to each other in here..your mouse has a back click feature i promise it works if you are feeling like a sperg, use it. If not here to start fights and make enemies here...all are welcome!


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