Anti-White Hatred has become Normalised

Published on Jan 5, 2021
Have you ever wandered why your lives are collapsing ....
Covertly, they have been waging war on us without our knowledge!

The story of a very successful man with white privilege!

How can you selectively interpret the "noun suffix" ... 'ist' mean... "hate" ... when in fact.. it means... "love"
cyclists, love to cycle
novelists, love to write
harpists, love to play music
Racists, love race
The Central Banker Crime families = Globalists, love internationalists/Communists/Marxists

Plunder Part 4/10 .. ‘IDP’ (Internal Displaced Person)

Although it wasn’t until the Jewish event, with the uncertainty of impending evictions I arranged for my disabled son to stay with his brother who had ‘for geographical reasons’ previously taken up full time residence with his mother. I had thought it would be a short term solution not realising it would take me almost 18 months to remedy some sort of secure residence to get him back into my full time care.

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