Published on Aug 30, 2022
* IT. IS. GO. TIME. *
- Unusual Things Are Going On Behind The Scenes > Will The Elections Be Delayed Or Suspended?
- So Many Eyes Are Now Focused On Election Integrity, [They] Won't Be Able To Get Away With Another Cheat
- All The 2020 Election Fraud Data Will Be Vindicated
- What's Up With The Netflix 'McAfee' Documentary? ;)
- What's Up With His Ex-Girlfriend Saying He's Still Alive? ;)
- McAfee's 32TB Of Data = 60 Miles High Of Paper Records > Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming > Wikileaks On Steroids
- Would McAfee Be The First Person To Ever Think Of Faking A Death To Go Off The Radar Of The Enemy? > Hello Jr... :)
- What Could Possibly Happen To Delay Or Suspend The Elections > Monkepox, Civil Unrest, +++
- Q Had Given Us More Than We Knew
- It's No Longer Conspiracy Theory > It's Now Conspiracy Fact
- All The Wikileaks And Seth Rich Data Will Come Out
- Hillary Discussed With Podesta Considering The 'Alien Card' When She Realized She Could Lose To Trump
- When McAfee Realized What He Had In The 32TB's Of Data > He Was Pissed
- Crypto's Have Been Slowed Down To Impede The Trading Of McAfee's $WHACKD ERC20 Token > Which Will Release The Code For ALL The Data
- The Faster [Their] Crypto's Rise McAfee's $WHACKD Poison Pill Will End Them Sooner > Brilliant > Dead Man Mocking
- What Attack Should We Expect & Where Will It Come From > Nuclear, War, Currency, Infrastructure
- Remember The 2018 Hawaii Missile Alert > That Event Forced A 'Data Dump' From Hawaii MIL Sites Back To The Mainland (NORAD)
- The Same Model [EBS] May Be Used Nationally To Force A Faceoff Between The Patriot COG & [Their] SES COG > We Already Know Who Will Win
- Once We Have The 80.53% We Will Pick Up Another 10% Of Those Who Just Needed To See > The Remaining 10% Will Fight To The End
- On Oct 29th [They] Will Be Invoking Their Goddess Of Chaos 'Eris' In A Ritual To Create Maximum Fear > Pray


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