The Dark Side of the 1991 Gulf War

Published on Aug 9, 2020
The 1991 Gulf war is remembered as a great war. In reality, worldwide sanctions would have forced Iraq to peacefully withdraw. The Gulf war cost billions of dollars, killed or sickened a million people, left the region much worse off, assisted Iran, and caused a worldwide economic recession.

The creation of oil-rich Kuwait by Britain; Keesing’s; July 8, 1961;

“Gulf War Documents: Meeting between Saddam Hussein and US Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie”; Wikileaks/Global Research; March 5, 2012;

Stephen C. Pelletiere’s Jan 31, 2003 New York Times OpEd on the evidence that Iran was responsible for the gassing of 5000 Kurds at Halabja, not Iraq:

“Overwhelming Force – What happened in the final days of the Gulf War?”; Seymour Hersh; New Yorker; May 22, 2000;

“Lucky War; Third Army in Desert Storm”; Richard M. Swain; US Army Command and General Staff College Press; 1994;

Video of tons of foreign munitions blown up at the Iraqi Khamisiyah storage area in 1991:

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Desert Storm
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Overwhelming Force – What happened in the final days of the Gulf War
Third Army in Desert Storm
First Gulf War
British Kuwait
highway of death

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