Who Is Jesus? BASED SERMON (Pastor Joe Jones) Sunday-AM

Published on Mar 23, 2023
This is the Sunday-AM service from 3-19-2023

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Basic Stream Rules: *Feel free to say Amen and chat if you'd like.
*If you have a Prayer request feel free to let us know. We do take online requests.
*Please Don't Spam. Try to Keep the Chat Biblical and/or Family Friendly (Don't use Worldly/profane Language).
*Don't ask to be a Moderator (If we want you to be a Moderator we will make you one).
*If you Harass a Mod or act disrespectfully towards one your most likely going to be banned, or timed out.
*Be Cautious of using Self Promotion or Promoting others. Example of what not to do: "Subscribe to me nerd I'm better than you lol" or "Hey go subscribe to this other pastor because he's better than this guy" nothing against promoting other fellow likeminded believers, simply don't have a prideful attitude about it.
*This is more so a note rather then a rule: If the Official SOFBC account responds to you during the Live Stream, the person typing will not be Pastor Jones, it will be either a moderator, or whomever is operating the Live stream, so please keep that in mind.
This List may be updated without notice. Disobey them and you will be timed out or banned. We reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason, listed or no.


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