Pressac's Book Proves We Are Right, Mar 17, 2023

Published on Mar 19, 2023
Tell-Tale Documents and Photos from Auschwitz
Institute for Historical Review
Jean-Claude Pressac's book, Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers, is the first serious and detailed response to the revisionist critique of the generally accepted Auschwitz extermination story. This 564-page work is itself evidence that Holocaust revisionism can no longer be dismissed as a temporary or frivolous phenomenon, but is a formidable challenge that must be taken seriously.
As Robert Faurisson and Mark Weber have pointed out in their reviews of his book, Pressac fails to prove his case. But in his ultimately unsuccessful effort to shore up the crumbling "exterminationist" view, Pressac is obliged to make many highly significant concessions to the revisionist position. Both explicitly and implicitly, he discredits countless Holocaust claims, "testimonies" and interpretations.
Introduction to Écrits Révisionnistes (1974-1998)
Four volumes (2,082 pages), first released in 1999
Since that date numerous important developments have confirmed and strengthened the late Professor Faurisson’s conclusions. For instance, Jean-Claude Pressac’s going so far as to acknowledge that the official history of the wartime deportation and camps was simply “rotten” and bound “for the rubbish bins of history” (an admission that, although made in 1995 by that erstwhile protégé of the Klarsfeld couple, was revealed only in 2000 by the French historian Valérie Igounet); also, the American jurist Don Heddesheimer’s exposure of the origin of the mythical “six million” number, which goes at least as far back as the year 1900.
[From the presentation in Just Who Is Robert Faurisson? Selected Writings and Commentaries on “the Holocaust”, Historical Review Press, 2014]

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