Zyklon Don - Kikes

Published on Oct 12, 2020
Harvest of Despair (Holodomor) The 1933 Ukrainian Famine
Third Reich Music Vids:
Kikes - All white countries have them.
Kikes - We all need to expel them.
Kikes - All white countries have them.
Kikes - Before we start a race war, let’s gas...
[Verse 1]
Is a word I use everyday
Along with gook beaner faggot nigger paki and gay
Now you can get the shoah again and again
Just for saying that holohoax never happened
And if you ask me, it's all bad reviews like Yelp
Because a kike's always scheming for the white man's wealth
They're all the same, using niggers as tools
To subvert our kids while you cheer on like a fool
They LARP as us when it's convenient, and take our money
To them we're stupid goyim cattle and they think it's funny
That's right they think we're gentile prey
I'm sure the laughing will stop when they all get ashtray'd
Lampshades, picture frames, fertilizer and all
And don't forget eagles and bears twenty feet tall
And the list goes on, like a nine inch spike
These are the parasites that we call kikes
Zyklon Don
[Verse 2]
I put 2 and 2 together, I really should've known better
Now I look at you as leather and soap you into lather
Be prepared to get tossed, you're gonna get hurled
Sick and tired of your Marxism infecting the world
You've already been expelled over a hundred times
Everywhere you take over, white numbers decline
Pushing race-mixing with the brown hordes you invite
But you're only doing this where it's majority white
You might pull it off, but you go too far too fast
Keep it up cuz we're waking up and you're gonna get gassed
Then out of nowhere, your time, will come to an end
When you get ovened, I and all my friends, will attend, you
[Verse 3]
You say you and your banker were so tight
You gave him access to your account one night
He even had keys to your deposit box
I bet you wish now he'd be outlined with chalk
Cuz he shook your hand, then he stole your land
And flew off with it as if his name was Peter Pan
You trusted ticks and fleas, you trusted rats with cheese
Found out the hard way these are your enemies
Don't even ask how long it's all been going on
Just be happy that soon they will all be gone
With crematoriums that defy physics and time
We'll bake six million Jews in 5 years, no lye
When it's over we'll be able to rest when we sleep
Unless you're having nightmares about Brie Larson's feet
And at the top of the list of things that I don't like
Are hook-nose parasitic creatures we call kikes
(Whodini - Friends Parody)


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