The Ultimate Red Pill (Führer's Greatest Speeches)

Published on Jan 19, 2021
The Ultimate Red Pill
This video is a compilation of some of the great speeches of Adolf Hitler. The history books, Hollywood, mainstream media and governments all over the world have blatantly censored these so that you never wake up to the truth about Adolf Hitler, what he really was and stood for. Instead, they have created and perpetuated lies and deceit. They re-wrote the history books, created endless mountains of propaganda demonizing Adolf Hitler and concealing the great work that he had accomplished, the knowledge and wisdom that he had to pull it all off and the secrets to his incredible success. By doing this, organized Jewry has hidden the truth about how much German people and even allies around Germany truly loved and appreciated Adolf Hitler and the work he had done!
This compilation of his speeches gives us an honest and very different look into the mind and life of Adolf Hitler. Please watch and learn about how truly great this man was and what he was talking about even back then and how every last bit of what he said applies to our world today more so than ever before.
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