Old People Wouldn't Lie, Would They? What if they Had Motive To Lie?

Published on May 16, 2020
Motive All Holocaust survivors receive monthly checks extorted from Germany every since the end of World WarII paid speaking engagements world travel television shows. Spielberg hunted down these people and displayed the ones that would perpetuate the lie. Zionist Jewish Supremacy motive To ensure after 50 years the holocaust would turn into a religion. All known factual evidence proves it was a lie. And you will be punished if you do not believe the greatest lie ever perpetrated to humanity.
unlock your mind recover common sense, comprehensive skills and above all attention span. We all have been indoctrinated to believe what is told to us, this indoctrination has been going on for many decades. It's up to you, only you have the power to unlock your mind.
They never showed the ones who told the truth.


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