"The Biggest Game InTown" about the Government CAFR wealth shell game

Published on Feb 1, 2021
[While Jews squirrel away everybody else's equity, aka money, property, livelihoods and holdings, this video exposes the flip side of the accounts and probes, for the layman, how the Jews, although not naming them specifically, literally double dip everyone's wealth. This ultimately leaves you with nothing for all your hard work, and Jews leveraging it in their money system by representing it as booty plundered from the unsuspecting enemy. They can literally turn fresh air into unlimited riches, as long as you're paying, and until you stand up to them, you shall be paying.]


Released on Google video: 12/24/08, went VIRAL in four days on Google video; most watched; most downloaded; most liked; and then on day 5 after the long Holiday, SNIP! http://cafr1.com/GoogleStats.html


"The Biggest Game in Town" video was produced distributed only on VHS tapes. It was put up for internet access on December 25th 2008.

This was the first CAFR1 video that got the ball rolling for international disclosure of the CAFR (local government's - Annual Financial Report) of which was the biggest shell game played in government finance. Selectively created budget reports "for the year" were presented to the population and the CAFR never a mention being that it showed the true wealth held (developed over decades) and complete gross income (investment; Tax; and Enterprise)

Government promotes annual "Budget Reports" and at the same time virtually not a peep as to their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Do a Google search on CAFR

A complete AUDIT of international holdings and trading activity is URGENTLY needed to see the "NET" results of the market manipulations that took place since September 2001 to present...... Will this happen? Not as long as the foxes maintain regulation over the hen house!

SEE: http://TaxRetirement.com

Learn quickly... have no doubts about it, final ownership of our country by the corporate government syndicate or by the people is at stake here.

The BLACK-OUT continues from our government, the syndicated media, controlled education, and both primary political parties.. DUE TO THE MONEY AND CONTROL INVOLVED!

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Producer: Walter Burien
Co Producer: Walt Maken

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