Wenn die Soldaten | German Military Marching Song (German and English Lyrics in Description)

Published on Jan 31, 2021
Video and music edited together by me.
Footage is of the Wehrmacht and other German military forces during WW2 (In exercises and live conflict).
(Cover picture is of a Kriegsmarine unit in/during the Third Reich)
Some of the lyrics like "Schingderassa" are like vocalizations that more or less represent the musical tune, especially the drums. Almost every rendition of this song is done a little bit differently so i had to make some edits to the lyrics that i found myself.
Also here, for anyone who doesn't know yet--
ß = Hard S
Ö = (this one is difficult for some English speakers) It's like the soft "er" sound in ''her''
Ä = essentially the "a" sound in "mate" and "great"
Ü = the "u" sound in "dude" or the "oo" in "boob"
-|- German and English lyrics -|-
Wenn die Soldaten
(When the soldiers)
Durch die Stadt marschieren,
(march through the town)
Öffnen die Mädchen
(the girls open)
Fenster und die Türen.
(windows and the doors.)

[[Ei warum? Ei darum!
(Hey why? Hey because!)
Ei warum? Ei darum!
(Hey why? Hey because!)
Ei bloß wegen
(Hey, just because [of the])
Ei bloß wegen
(Hey, just because [of the])

Zweifarben Tücher,
(Two-colored unifrom)
Schnauzbart und Sterne
(mustache and [military] stars)
Herzen und küssen
(hearts and kisses)
Alle Mädchen gerne.
(all girls like.)

-Instrumental Bridge-
Eine Flasche Rotwein
(A bottle of red-wine)
Und ein Stückchen Braten
(and a piece of the roast)
Schenken die Mädchen
(bestow the maiden)
Ihren Soldaten.
(their soldiers.)

Kommen die Soldaten
(Come the soldiers)
Wieder in die Heimat,
(back home)
Sind ihre Mädchen.
(are their girls)
Alle schon verheirat'.
(all happily married.)
^[Final Refrain]^


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