Real life Waalwijk - terror version of Kalergi Plan against one mum - Trudi Verstegen Mama vs Mafia

Published on Sep 26, 2022

St. Jan… 's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands the place 'Jerome'’; Jeroen
Hieronymus-Eusebius, Jeroen Van Aken:
Jeroen Bosch the Bible translated and falsificated

He, Jheronimus Bosch, Swan Brothers Freemason, 'translated' the Bible from Hebrew/Greeq into Latin; which is known as the Vul-gate (in stead of Bill-gate) vulgata.
In my Telegram:
1) you can read his “role” in re-lie-G-(D)ion (religion- lies) being master founder of satanism in the Netherlands, Jeroen Bosch as being a MK Ultra-kid of gay satanic Jesuits in those days.

In the City of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, headquarters of the Silva Ducis Sstate in the South of the Netherlands: Brabant.
🖋Jheronimus Bosch Vulgata:

✡️ 🏎🏁Zwanenbroeders Swan Brothers - Dutch upper-elite- satan worship club refused me while being invented to join it's Swan Brothers Rally.

👹Home of the Beast, my horror story (due Swan Brothers) fragmented: We, my ex Ed Splinter and I met each other Pentecost, 1996 in front of the St. Jan, event Jazz in Duketown was playing Hans Dulfer in Grand Café Silva Ducis. Her Silva Ducis ancestry role was and is enormous for the war we and the whole world is in.

My ex-husband was raised as a Dutch Reformed, me as a Catholic.
Swan Bothers are 50/50 Protestant/Catholic.
(public indictment Swan Brothers: )
According to his ancestors, being satanic slave traders of VOC he was ritually abused as a child to be a first class citizen, licensed to kill. As a James Bond of the communist Bond, our NaZi King and his ancestors of Khan planned. To eliminate us: all goyim, he, being Jewish Zionist, aka KHAZAR, to conquer the world. So, my ex-husbands family has to kill my family and all non Royal-Khazar in order of NWO invented by the beast. NaZi’s. Based upon Grand Deception and lies… and a falsificated translation of the Bible by Jeroen Bosch. 🥴🤑

All in order of NWO; and it’s Royal ancestors’ GREED… Phoenicians, Pirates of the Carribean (BANKSTERS), the Vatican -Father Khan and his Mongolian Empire. Facilitated by Swiss banks and Swiss Guard with paper money Dzjenghis Khan invented.

My ex-husband is an elite black nobility bankers' oldest son.

According to my ancestors, -me being oldest (only) child as well- the same may could have happened to me. Me however, was not abused. I once thought churches were places of light, as I know by know, darker than the night. They are -as being HOLY SEE the real founders of every war. Through rape, abuse and MK ultra of little children, killing their conscious creating fear, dividing people to conquer.

Both Catholic and Dutch Reformed are satanic churches to enslave the people. All churches are… to eliminate mankind and humanity for the beast. To be only remnants with OUR children! Enslaving ALL OF US. They, gay satanic ✡️ pedovores are after OUR children! KILLING FEMININITY AND HUMANITY FOREVER!

WE'RE BEING PLAYED TO BE EACH OTHERS ENEMIES. TO KILL EACH OTHER, TO RUIN PLANET EARTH AND ALL GODS CHILDREN -no baby choose for being raped and tortured to be servant of pedovores!- FOLLOWING ORDERS OF INSANE IIIUMINATI. Who lied to all of us, claiming soul right to live. They, Swan Brothers, play war against humanity for centuries.
Fight your real enemy in stead of each other and real mums like me!
War is about child abuse…

Fragment of Public Indictment :
“…CLOSING (& arresting it's members) Zwanenbroedershuis, The domicilie of "De Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap" Gay-satanic IIIuminati Club, since 1318 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch for being clubhouse of the most criminal organizations in the Netherlands. Claimed closure of the underground Bosch' corridor system, including all spaces under and to the St. Jan.

Mama vs Mafia Trudi Verstegen
Public Prosecutor & - Investigator, terrorized
Mother of Nikki, Mart & Madelief Splinter
Nobility in No More Masonic Slavery
Real press & real people: 0031-652428888
Donations to survive and let survive our children and the FEMALE HUMAN RACE NL59KNAB0258835486


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