Trans Biology Teacher Says it's More INCLUSIVE to Say Eggs Come From Ovaries Rather than From Women

Published on Jun 10, 2022
A transgender biology teacher has been revealed telling other colleagues that they want to distance students from the idea that women produce eggs. Instead, he says, they should rather refer to their body part of origin, which are ovaries.
The stated rationale by Colorado high school biology teacher Sam Long for their instruction methods is that they believe teaching about all living things must be inclusive towards trans people.
"In our classroom we need to be a stickler for inclusive language in any conversation," wrote the trans biology teacher.
"A lot of textbooks, a lot of existing teaching will say, well, women produce eggs. Males are more likely to be colorblind. The mother carries the fetus for this many months. And some ways that we can show our support for trans and non-binary students just to clean up that language, be more precise. We can be more accurate and be more inclusive. So I would say, no, it’s not women that produce eggs, it’s ovaries that produce eggs. That’s accurate, that’s precise. We’re acknowledging that not all women produce eggs, and also, not all egg producers are women."

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