Israel Weaponizes WhatsApp. Iranian Twitter Warriors Eliminate Top Mossad Officer

Fuck Devil Jews
Published on Dec 8, 2020
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Israel has weaponized the WhatsApp messaging application to terrorize Syrian officers deployed in the south of the country, near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. According to reports, messages were sent from a number hosted in Cyprus to mobile phones of officers that allegedly have ties with Lebanese Hezbollah.
“Hezbollah and Iran are taking advantage of you to operate on the border against Israel, you bear responsibility and you won’t be away from our responses,” the message read.
This was not the first time when Israel sent direct threats to Syrian personnel. For example, on October 21, Israel dropped leaflets with threats to officers of the 1st Corps of the Syrian Arab Army. Three weeks later, on November 18 an Israeli airstrike destroyed the office of Major General Akram Hawija, the commander of the 7th Division of the 1st Corps. He was one of the officers mentioned in the Israeli leaflets. Additionally to the regular strikes on Syria, Israel has been conducting active psychological operations against Syrian personnel and their allies in the south. According to the Israelis, WhatsApp spam, anonymous leaflets and trashposting on social media should deter Hezbollah and Iran, and undermine their cooperation with Syria.

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